Testogel (Androgel)

What is Testogel?

Testogel (Androgel) is a drug in the form of clear, colorless gel that adds testosterone the body through the skin. Once Testogel (Androgel) is absorbed by the skin, it enters the bloodstream and helps the body to normal levels of testosterone (T). The type of AndroGel testosterone is the same as testosterone manufactured by the body.

What is the effect of Testogel?

testosterone testogelTreatment with Testogel (Androgel) daily, testosterone levels can return to normal levels. In clinical trials, men using AndroGel every day experienced symptom relief once their testosterone levels were back to normal intervals.

Improvements include:
– Improved mood, defined as more alert, energetic, energetic, friendly and / or feeling of well-being
– Better lean body mass (muscle)
– Low fat body mass
– Increased bone mineral density in the hip and spine
– Sexual function restored
– Sexual
– Satisfaction with erection
– Sexual Motivation
– Sexual Performance
– Enjoy sexual activity

Testogel ® is a testosterone based drug


Indications Testogel ® – Testosterone

Testogel ® is a preparation based testosterone gel, to be applied in case of deficiency of this hormone due to hypogonadism.
Testogel ® is also used in the treatment of symptoms associated with the concert endogenous testosterone deficiency.

Mechanism of action Testogel ® – Testosterone

Testosterone and its direct derivatives such as DHT, are key hormones of male sexual development, allowing the proper maturation of the genital organs that is of secondary sexual characteristics.
In addition to strong genitalia activities, testosterone is famous, especially widespread among athletes of various disciplines, its anabolic potential, able to increase protein synthesis and muscle mass gain, correct the turnover bone favoring the osteodeposizione processes, inducing hematopoiesis by increasing hemoglobin levels and the number of circulating red blood cells, thus leading to a significant improvement both in body composition of athletic performance.
Clearly if you are taking this hormone is indicated for therapeutic purposes, to correct certain symptoms associated with endogenous testosterone deficiency such as decreased sexual libido, impotence, osteopenia and muscle mass deficit is not however for the purpose of doping, given the numerous and serious side effects associated with abuse and over-exposure to this hormone.
Testogel ® is characterized by the majority of the products present on the market, for the gel formulation, which allows to minimize the invasiveness of the therapy, while restoring the serum testosterone concentrations that reflect the physiological ones.

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Use and dosage

Testogel ®
Gel in sachet of 2.5 g containing 25 mg of testosterone:
in most cases of hypogonadism taking 5 mg of testosterone per day (2 packets) it is able to significantly improve symptoms.
The application of the gel should preferably take place in the morning on clean skin and integrates abdomen or arms, avoiding sensitive areas like the testicles due to the high alcohol content of the product.
The definition of the final dose, should be evaluated by your doctor, after having carefully examined, symptoms, the effectiveness of therapy and testosterone serum concentrations.

Warnings Testogel ® – Testosterone

Hormone replacement therapy with testosterone, even when carried out through gel, must be preceded by a thorough medical examination to assess the possible presence of conditions that increase the risk of side effects.
Patients with high blood pressure, epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases, liver, kidney and metabolic should carefully consider with your doctor, the cost / benefit ratio that would result from taking testosterone, whereas this hormone, may in some cases accentuate these morbid conditions exacerbating the clinical picture.
If necessary, your doctor should set a schedule of periodic inspections, useful to evaluate their psychological and physical health of the patient, providing immediate withdrawal of therapy to the appearance of the first suspicious signs.
The patient should also resort to hygiene and appropriate behavioral norms, useful to avoid the transfer of testosterone, for direct contact with skin or clothing, to family or kindred.
The use in prepubertal should instead be carried out with particular attention, given the possible deleterious effects on bone growth and development of male sexual organs too fast.



Despite the Testogel ® intake is reserved for the treatment of male diseases, it is useful to recall how this hormone appears contraindicated during pregnancy view the ability to induce masculinization of the fetus, seriously compromising the future reproductive capacity.


Testosterone may interact with some active ingredients by increasing the risk of side effects.
More precisely, the concomitant intake of testosterone:

  • oral anticoagulants may lead to increased risk of bleeding events;
  • oral hypoglycemic agents, could lead to an altered glucose control with increased risk of hypoglycemia;
  • Corticosteroids, it may be responsible for increased retention hydro-salinica, with edema and hypertension.

E ‘useful to recall how the intake of testosterone could offset some laboratory parameters indicative of thyroid function, renalica, adrenal, hepatic and haematological.

Contraindications Testogel ® – Testosterone

Taking testosterone is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of its excipients, breast cancer, estrogen-dependent tumors, cancer and prostatic hypertrophy, history of liver cancer, hypercalcemia, nephrotic syndrome , pregnancy and lactation.
The patch should not be applied to non-intact skin or skin regions subjected to high pressure.

Side effects – Side effects

Topical administration of testosterone does not spare the patient from the classic side effects of hormone therapy based on androgens.
The abuse and over-exposure to this hormone, especially outside of Medical Information, it is related to the appearance of numerous side effects such as: prostatic hypertrophy and prostate cancer, weight gain and fluid retention, hypertension and cardiovascular complications, high cholesterol, acne , hirsutism, changes in liver function, oligozoospermia, alopecia, gynecomastia, dizziness, hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria and myalgias.
The high concentration of alcohol present in the gel, may cause redness and burning in the application.


Testogel ® is sold only under prescription.
Testogel ® is an anabolic agent, therefore its use, outside of medical prescriptions on pathological basis, it is prohibited in competition and out of competition.